apothecary is a limited-edition literary supplement that features work exclusively from the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics Summer Writing Program students and faculty.

snake oil
Work by Ryan Clark, Amy Pommerening, Erin Mathews, Travis Cebula, Tomara Kafka, Matt Wise, and Joyce Joseph
Work by James Kerley, Adam Perry, Richard Schwass, Julies Berner, Francezka Voltz, Jennifer Phelps, Travis Cebula, and Kristi Yorks
Work by Kimberly Castanon, Adrienne Dodt, Tomara Kafka, Molly Conner, Ryan Clark, and Jenny Henry
Work by Dodie Bellamy, Ryan Clark, Shy Mukerjee, Carolyn Zaikowski, Anne Maclean, Merissa Nathan Gerson, Kimberly Castanon, Gina Caciolo, LaVonne N. Caesar, Kelly Sexton, and Susie Huser



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